Centrul Vechi Târgoviște

Centrul Vechi Târgoviște


Târgoviște, Romania

Most popular restaurants in Târgoviște are located in the Old City Centre, which still preserves, through its special architecture and the aspect of the street, a piece of the old city. The impressive City Hall building, the old Târgului Church, the Post or, a bit further, the house where the poet Grigore Alexandrescu was born, are only a few of the important building offering value to this assembly, which is actually part of the historical monuments.
Decorated modern, in an antique fashion, or with a certain theme, almost all establishments in the area – either restaurants, pubs and clubs, tea & coffee shops, confectioneries and ice-cream shops – offer a warm, cosy atmosphere and traditional menus, but also international menus.
Here, in the Old Centre, we can find perhaps the most animated place in Târgoviștei.

Restaurants and bistros with refined menus we can also find along Calea Domneasca – the oldest street in the city, which is mentioned since the XVII century. Another area with selected venues, remarkable through their antique ambiance and the well preserved architecture of the houses, is represented by the first part of the Carol I boulevard (at no. 3, 7 and 23), but also the adjacent part (Arsenalului Street). In the end, one of the oldest clubs in Târgoviște, intended for good music lovers (especially rock), where you will have the occasion of meeting part of the the intellectual and artistic people of the city, and which holds monthly concerts or theatre or improvisation plays, with the participation of the actors from the „Tony Bulandra” Theatre, regular clients of the city, can be found only 15 minutes of walking away from the city centre, onI.C. Brătianu Boulevard, at no. 3.
The main shopping area, wide and pedestrian, generally known as „Mondial”, located opposite to the grand Prefecture and County Council Building. Also in the city centre, part of the same shopping area we can consider the western and eastern sides of the Libertății and Mircea cel Bătrân Boulevards, which continues to the south from the Independenței Boulevard for another 2 km, up to the Caraiman area, and to the north, along Revoluției street (on whose right side, towards the north, we cal also find the main taxi station in the city centre).
Here we can also find clothing and fabrics stores, bookshops, bakeries, electronics stores and many more, as well as the main supermarkets in the city (the 1 Mai area). In the corner marking the intersection of the Independenței and Mircea cel Bătrân Boulevards, on the opposite side of the Tricolorului square, we can find one of the largest and most famous bookshops in the city, which offers news releases from almost any field, updated city maps, books and
encyclopaedias about Târgoviște, stationery products, gadgets and lovely gifts.

The main arterial road of the area is Alexandru Ioan Cuza Street, starting from the south of the Princely Court and going to the Metropolitan Square.

As an area with a strong economic and financial dynamic, has changed periodically its appearance, most of the component constructions being gradually replaced by others. Most of the buildings we see today are built in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, some even from 1930-1940.The basic urban-architectural characteristic of the respective axis is the small street width of the front of the property and the great depth.
In front was the building, which had a ground floor, first floor and cellar, on the ground floor was the barn door and on the first floor the merchant’s home. Behind it was a residential construction that could be accommodated for staff, foreigners or production facilities.

As the two sections of the construction had significantly different joints and functions, and from a structural and constructive point of view did not constitute a unit itself, each of them could be replaced separately. Thus, there are frequent situations in which the two components have different construction data. Usually the part of the street, to which the owner's prestige was linked and the level of turnover, was renewed more often, as can easily be seen from the examples that are kept.

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