Archaeological finds

Archaeological finds

Archaeological collections are illustrated by objects covering all historical epoches, but mostly the middle age.

Ceramic pieces from the neolithic age were found in Geangoesti, Ionesti-Palade; pieces from the bronze age were found in Nucet, Habeni, Viforata; large monetary thesaurus thassien and macedonian (second and first centuries BC) were found in Caprioru, and the dacian civilization is certified by objects discovered in Adanca, Matasaru, Mogosani.

Especially icons, cult silverware, clothes, church furniture, ornaments and jewels, prints, architectural elements, tombstones, wall-paintings reflect the illustrious epoch of Matei Basarab, Serban Cantacuzino and Constantin Brancoveanu.
In addition there are various tools, arms, decorative discs, utilitarian ceramics that present the modern and mediaeval history of one of the most representative centres of romanian culture. The museum owns important history, ethnography and popular art, plastic art and literary history collections.

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